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Which Jesus do you follow?
What does He believe?

Or perhaps just as important,

What do you
believe about Him?

In The Real Jesus, the debut book from pastor and beloved worship leader Jonathan Stockstill, you will have an encounter with the real-life Son of God—the One who loves you more than you could ever imagine.

After reading The Real Jesus, you will:

This book will equip you to see Jesus as He really is and truly understand what it means to be His disciple.

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Youversion Devotionals:

Relating to Jesus
Forgiveness Is A Requirement
Needing The Holy Spirit

Whether you inherited a solid biblical foundation for your faith or you’re still searching for the truth about God, The Real Jesus will open the door to a more intimate encounter with the Savior.
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Chris Hodges

Senior Pastor

Church of the Highlands

I’m so happy my friend, Jonathan Stockstill, has written, The Real Jesus. More than ever, we need a fresh revelation of Jesus—one that will set our hearts ablaze and reignite a holy fear within us.
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John Bevere

Author and Minister

Messenger International

If you are truly going to make a difference in this world for the Lord, then knowing Jesus Christ and obeying His teachings are the first step in your process.
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Jentzen Franklin

Senior Pastor

Free Chapel

Here is “Discipleship 2020.” It is our new generation recording their love for Jesus in a fresh, new way.
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Larry Stockstill

Author and Minister

Pastors University

THE REAL JESUS is a profound and, at the same time, practical and contemporary book. Why? Because this is exactly what Jesus is!
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Carlito Paes

Author and Minister

City Church Network

The Real Jesus is a must read book about the one who has been the center of conversations, agreements, disagreements, misunderstandings, much love and, occasionally deep hatred feelings in some people's minds and hearts.
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Elias Dantas

Founder and International Facilitator

Global Kingdom Partnerships Network

Jonathan Stockstill is the living proof of three Generation's of Discipleship
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Jacob Aranza

Lead Pastor

Our Saviors Church

One of the greatest phrases that Jesus ever said was, 'Follow me!' Pastor Jonathan Stockstill is a leader that our nation and generation can follow.
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Jude Fouquier

Lead Pastor

City Church California





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